Adoption and Emancipation

Over the years we have had the privilege of crossing paths with some of the most loving and unconditional dogs you could ever imagine possible. Ordinary muts becoming superstars and legends among our family and friends. Dog is certainly man's fondest friend but in our modern world, could Dog say the same about man? How we treat the vulnerable in the world is a reflection of our collective society as a whole, and we need to consider them in our lives and show as much compassion as we can. After all, that is what they do tirelessly for us!

We understand that sometimes an owners circumstances change and they are no longer able to care for their furry friend. To support families through these difficult times, we have a re-homing program in place for adult dogs who started in our adoption program, and for other special cases that are brought to our attention. Through this program we endeavour to assist owners to find new families for their dogs with every effort made to ensure our puppies never end up in the pound! We understand relinquishing your dog can be an unhappy and very stressful decision, so if your circumstances ever change, please don't hesitate to contact us first as we are here to help you and never to judge!

Responsible pet ownership has some necessary requirements and Desexing your dog at the correct age is the main step to having a happy healthy companion, and prevents unwanted matings or inethical breeding entirely. We only encourage conscientious professional breeding of dogs also, and don't forget Mum or Dad either!  We desex our dogs after a few years to prevent any complications and then they get to live out the rest of their lives as home companions. Some of our dogs aren't going ANYWHERE and will be with us until the final sunset, but we do occasionally have an adult dog to be rehomed also and if you would like to go on our consideration please contact us and we can place you on the waiting list.


Labradoodle And Lulu Toy Poodle


Adoption vs Rescue

Our core values drive our approach to the care of animals and we support programs that foster and shelter lost or abandoned dogs. We would love to live in a world where every dog could find a loving home; but unfortunately not all dogs are intentionally bred to be companions, and many who are genetically inclined towards working, herding or hunting and are not entirely suitable as backyard family pets. Many times, it is this lack of integrity and consideration in their breeding which leads to dogs ending up in the pound. Often, the dogs deposited in these facilities aren't of a suitable breed for the family environment, or were not intentionally bred to have those gentle qualities. Every puppy can learn and grow to be an outstanding pet in the right hands, but the nature of the dog is not always due solely to environmental or social conditions. It can quite frequently be genetic and this again comes down to the quality of the breeding which can only come from generations of experience (or lack there of) raising companion dogs. 

A healthy puppy is a blank canvas, unlike an adult who is more like a complete painting and who may come with a range of behaviors and conditions. So whatever dog comes into your life, try your best to give them all the love and attention they deserve and see what hapens! I am sure that you will be well rewarded with their canine comradery.

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