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  • Olly and his Elephant

    Olly and his Elephant

    Hi guys
    Just wanted to check in and update you on our little boy. Olly has been an absolute pleasure to have. We love him to bits and he is trying very hard to please everyone. Kids can't get enough of him and we cannot wait for him to get fully vaccinated so we can take him out.
    Olly has won the hearts of the extended family as well. We appreciate your support and hard work in bringing these beautiful babies into our life. Glad to hear my work mate is getting her Cavoodle through you guys as a have been pointing everyone into your direction.
    Thank you and keep safe.

    He loves sleeping with his warm elephant!


    Love,  Lejla

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  • Molly's new adventure!

    Molly's new adventure!

    Thank you so much. She is the sweetest little puppy ever. The perfect addition for our family. The Lucky Puppy was so amazing and helpful to deal with. I am so thankful for your support & help. ❤️

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  • Sunny future...

    Sunny future...

    Just wanted to send a quick email to say  "Sunny" is a delightful pup. He has a lovely laid back temperament and still has lots of fun playing.

    I called him Sunny as he has made life a little brighter ☀����

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  • Light of Luna

    Light of Luna

    Hi Carolina,
    Great to hear from you.
    Im actually helping a friend to get their first family dog. They are actively looking.
    When are you expecting to have some ?
    Luna is AMAZING, she is the best. A real princess and an adorable to have in hour family.
    She gives so much love and of course received as much from us as well.
    Attached are some pics.
    Last two are from her first birthday.


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  • Suki The Pocket Pomchi!

    Suki The Pocket Pomchi!

    Hi David 
    I wanted to let you know that she has arrived safe & sound and has settled in perfectly! She's absolutely amazing I'm so in love!! 
    I've named her Suki. 
    Thanks so much, 

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  • The old dog and the Sea! Ollie we love you xx

    The old dog and the Sea! Ollie we love you xx

    "should i jump in?"  LOL!
    Ollie loves the boat and the water, gets taken everywhere. What an outstanding dog he is, gets loads of comments. Thanks again, lots of love

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  • Gracie Doodle!

    Gracie Doodle!

    Gracie is settled and enjoying life with her two staffy siblings and spending her days at the farm, going swimming and going to the park. She is now 17 weeks old ☺️ thank you for breeding such a wonderful companion xx Leah

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  • Peanut our stunning Toy Sized Cavoodle!

    Peanut our stunning Toy Sized Cavoodle!

    Smells like the weekend... LoVe It!!

  • Captain


    Finally getting round to sending you that pic of Captain, he's a lovely boy,   J.

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  • Little darling Lily

    Little darling Lily

    Dear Lucky Puppy,
    We are so grateful and blessed to have one of your gorgeous puppies and are over the moon to have Lily as part of our family. She has already brought us so much love and joy and we are totally besotted! 
    Thanks again for all your help and we hope to meet you one day if you are going to Byron. 
    Wishing you and your family all the very best 
    Kindest regards
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  • iiiittsss Maui Time!

    iiiittsss Maui Time!

    Thank you! He is doing so well. Nearly all toilet trained and sleeps through the night in his crate. He is a funny little one and we just love him so much.

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