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Finding the perfect companion can be a tricky enterprise in our modern world, with few quality dogs available and numerous scammers and dodgy breeders flooding the internet too. We are dedicated to matching families across Australia with the right pet for them, and know ourselves just how difficult it can be to find a healthy, well socialised puppy online. To help make the process of getting a new family friend as trouble free as possible, we specialised in professional local and interstate transport for all our clients. This way everyone has an opportunity to choose the right pet for them in a safe and transparent way, and it also minimises the risk of stress and strain usually involved with animals being transported in the back seat of a car or other sub-standard conditions.

Our service means we can properly introduce a puppy to your home, and give you any extra advice you may need along the way. We strive to make sure that every new owner has all the information needed to confidently care for their chosen family friend. We are more than happy to offer some training tips and guidelines for raising a young dog too. From experience, we know that a well-trained and obedient dog never ends up being misplaced. Sometimes, when circumstances warrant we encourage families to consider adopting a different, more suitable breed than the one they originally chose. For us, it's about matching the right puppy to the right home and helping people to avoid making the wrong decision. We do not want our puppies to end up in the pound, so choosing the best breed for your family home helps a great deal to achieve a good lifetime placement.
We have formed many lifelong friendships with our clients and some families have come back to adopt a second or even third family member from us!


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For interstate clients, we have a long standing relationship with JetPets and Dogmovers, so there is peace of mind knowing your new puppy will arrive safe and sound travelling in the hands of the most professional pet movers in Australia. Because we get such great rates with thanks to our Registered Breeder discount, we are happy to pass those blessings over to our clients making it very affordable to transport your puppy to almost any location. For regional areas, the price might vary a little but it is still very affordable and the process is just as easy. Our model is based wholly on two-way honesty and trust, with the welfare of our animals being the number one concern. Part of that is making sure every one of our puppies go to a proper loving home, so we assess each enquiry to make certain our dogs are going to loving companion homes only.

We stand by our reputation and long time experience, so you can have full confidence you will receive the companion that you have chosen, and that you are not dealing with some internet pirate. Every puppy has a unique Microchip Number to identify them correctly and avoid any confusion. Prior to confirmation, our pups are carefully examined and cleared by our Vet and issued with a fit-to-fly certificate before being checked in for transport.


Here's to a brave new world of four legged wayfarers!

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