A Warm Welcome to a Whole New World of Unconditional Love!

We believe that every dog deserves to find its loving home, to enrich the soul and bring joy to their human companions, and live a natural healthy life surrounded by peace, kindness and respect!

No one is more passionate than we are about our dogs and animals, and we take a great deal of care and consideration every step of the way to ensure our babies are healthy, happy and well socialised family members before they venture out into the world. True quality only comes with generations of experience and loving dedication to the art of rearing dogs. It is with a warm heart that we can guarantee our little ones have the very best start to life and are loved and cared for every step of the way. Before being adopted, our puppies are thoroughly examined by an expert Vet, are appropriately vaccinated, wormed and groomed, and are uniquely identified with a world standard FDX-B Mini-Microchip which is fully registered on the National database. A complete documentation pack including pet passport, certificate of registration and an in-depth care guideline is included with every adoption.

We know making the right choice of puppy to join your family is a lifetime decision so its important to get this placement right, especially for the good will of the dog! Please feel free to send us an enquiry, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide advice about which breed might be the most suited for your home circumstances.
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All our puppies are wonderful and we hope your search ends here!


*** 2022 UPDATE!!

With so much chaos going on in our world today, it is hard to imagine that people still point the finger at someone who breeds dogs. Let's face it, whether you are a reputable Registered Breeder or not, breeding dogs is low on the social food chain.  And so it has always been, the Kennel Masters of time gone by typically lived in the palace stables, and ate stale bread and barley. It has always been humble work and should stay such as breeding dogs is both an art and a science. There needs to be goals for breeding dogs, not just profits, and that is the difference between a professional 'artist' and your everyday backyarder.  There are so many factors to consider for each mating, and it is certainly not so simple as having 2 dogs and letting them reproduce together.


Recently, we have seen media scares of virus, war and all kinds of crazy fear based realities being imposed on the people of this planet. In the dog world, we have been bombarded with puppy scammers, bikie wrongdoings, factory farms and pet shop scandals to name a few.  We have to make a stand amongst it all to be something different, and share our light and our dogs with the world amongst all the prejudice and pre conceived ideas about dog breeding and the issues that surround us who choose to hold a higher vision.


In a world of madness, somewhere a dog is resting peacefully and taking care to enjoy every single moment of life!  Sure some days it rains, and we do make sure to splash around a bit jolly, and never let it get us down!  As the human influence slowly creeps up the scale of consciousness, mans best friend still lives to serve the greater purpose and hold the frequency of loving kindness.  Indeed, the foul-legged furr-balls are our masters, not the other way around.  We have much to learn and even more to unlearn if we are to choose that which serves love and not fear.


Although there are a still ever increasingly strange things to adjust to in this brave new world, as well as a few logistical technicalities which i'm sure we all are feeling, the a dog is still an integral part of the family home; and should be considered of utmost importance! 
BUT Buyer Beware, the scammers have only sharpened their claws and stand ready to pray on the hasty.  Backyarders and puppy pirates are riding a wave of panic too and probably won't have the heart to consider you, except on their end of the equation..  So stay safe puppy family! We are the last of the loved ones and will keep doing our best everyday to change the world, one goD at a time!  Like goes to like so we are super looking forward to meeting you and sharing our little ones xx


P.S:  We have been inundated with requests by families looking to be the lucky few who get to adopt one of our dogs, and prefer gardening to computer screens so please be patient if you don't hear back from us right away!  We are a small family and it is sometimes hard to get to everyones application in a timely fashion, but we promise to get bark to you as soon as possible!