About Us

The Lucky Puppy was established to unite loving pets with their perfect homes and help you find the right dog for your family! Our experienced team of companion animal specialists are here to promote the best care for all animals, with a strong focus on quality family raised dogs. With the best advice on how to ensure a happy healthy puppy, including the optimum nutrition, grooming, general obedience and toilet-training tips, as well as healthcare and ongoing responsibilities, you can rest easy knowing you have comprehensive support from us for your furry friend!


We are a Registered Breeder with approval from the NSW Local Government Register and liscenced with Tenterfield Council. At our vet approved kennels, we specialise in developing high quality Toy Companion dogs for loving homes only. We want you to have a trouble free adoption and a lifelong bond with your new dog; and with over 27 years experience we are confident we provide this service to the community.


All our animals are supported by regular visits from The Mobile Vet Team, genetic testing by Orivet®, a local veterinary nurse and a professional Dog Groomer. With the emphasis on healthy companion pets, all the pups in our program receive a thorough veterinary examination prior to placement and are cleared of any genetic faults, inbreeding or hereditary diseases. When you adopt a Lucky Puppy, you have shown your vote towards the responsible breeding of dogs in Australia!


Since 2010, the media has exposed a lot of puppy mills, unethical dog breeders and poor quality pet shops. Because of the upheaval and negative publicity around the pet world, many decent people steered away from dog breeding, and the dodgy breeders were rightfully closed down by the authorities. We founded The Lucky Puppy to help bring some light and love back to the animal kingdom, and put honest values and dog welfare before profit. We recognise that the NSW Dog Breeders Code of Ethics and the national Companion Animals Act (1998) are only the foundation standards of respect which every animal deserves. Beyond the comprehensive care, we create a harmonious and loving environment for our dogs to live and play thereby nurturing the complete well-being of our beloved little ones!


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