• Happy Black Cavoodle!

    Happy Black Cavoodle!

    An updated photo of our boy Trevor!
    Amanda x

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  • Labradoodle Love!

    Labradoodle Love!

    Winston is an absolutely top dog, he was the best in his class, TWICE! haha
    Thanks again we are so happy!

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  • Pomchi Pics

    Pomchi Pics

    Thanks David! She really is adorable, I can't believe she's real, she is so so special ������������ 
    Yes we have been quarantined at home/in the garden and she's doing really well. I take her out for walks in a sling on my chest and she just sleeps! She's absolutely incredible. Im going to take her to puppy pre school in a few weeks so she can make some friends. I hope the rest of her family are doing well and finding nice homes too! 

    What a gorgeous Pomchi she is!! 
    *** The Lucky Puppy ***…

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  • Suki The Pockey Pomchi!

    Suki The Pockey Pomchi!

    Hi David 
    I wanted to let you know that she has arrived safe & sound and has settled in perfectly! She's absolutely amazing I'm so in love!! 
    I've named her Suki. 
    Thanks so much, 

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  • Lou Lou Love!

    Lou Lou Love!


    Just thought I would send you some photos of Lou Lou. She is the sweetest little thing. We just adore her ❤️ 


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  • Cloud!


    THANK YOU Andre and family for delivering our first puppy CLOUD 

    He is perfect and my gf loves him! An great early christmas present 


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  • Molly's new adventure!

    Molly's new adventure!

    Thank you so much. She is the sweetest little puppy ever. The perfect addition for our family. The Lucky Puppy was so amazing and helpful to deal with. I am so thankful for your support & help. ❤️

  • Gracie Doodle!

    Gracie Doodle!

    Gracie is settled and enjoying life with her two staffy siblings and spending her days at the farm, going swimming and going to the park. She is now 17 weeks old ☺️ thank you for breeding such a wonderful companion xx Leah

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A warm welcome to a whole new world of Unconditional Love!

We believe that every dog deserves to find its loving home, to enrich the soul and bring joy to their human companions, and live a natural healthy life surrounded by peace, kindness and respect!
No one is more passionate than we are about our dogs and animals, and we take a great deal of care and consideration every step of the way to ensure our babies are healthy, happy and well socialised family members before they venture out into the world. True quality only comes with generations of experience and loving dedication to the art of rearing dogs. It is with a warm heart that we can guarantee our little ones have the very best start to life and are loved and cared for every step of the way. Before being adopted, our puppies are thoroughly examined by an expert Vet, are appropriately vaccinated, wormed and groomed, and are uniquely identified with a world standard FDX-B Mini-Microchip which is fully registered on the National database. A complete documentation pack including pet passport, certificate of registration and an in-depth care guideline is included with every adoption.
We know making the right choice of puppy to join your family is a lifetime decision so its important to get this placement right, especially for the good will of the dog! Please feel free to send us an enquiry, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide advice about which breed might be the most suited for your home circumstances.
Our website has an up to date listing of all the puppies currently available for adoption.
Please scroll through the pages to find the perfect dog for you! Click on each listing to see more information, see more photos and videos, or to make an enquiry.
All our puppies are wonderful and we hope your search ends here!


*** CoronaVirus  UPDATE!!
2020 has been a sudden awakening for a lot of the world, especially where systems were already failing or global issues hadn't previously been considered.  Now is the time we have all been waiting for and this big change the world has been asking for is finally happening, whether we like it or not! In a way, this 'pandemic' has opened the eyes of many and helped us all to readdress what direction we are going as a collective, and how we want to live our lives.  We have to make a stand amongst it all to be something greater, and for us sharing the light and love of our dogs and sanctuary with the world is an effort to pioneer the new way.

With so many working from home these days, and with ongoing travel restrictions in place it has never been a better time to introduce a furry friend for the home. Dogs vibrate on the level of unconditional love and are crucial elements to our psychological wellbeing and happiness. I have heard so many times of families who with good intention get a new puppy, but then realise they don't have the time for the necessary attention and training due to their busy lives.  It only takes a couple of weeks to completely toilet train a new puppy (less when you use our method) so being stuck at home can have its benefits too! And what more could you ask for during social distancing than your best friend!
Although there are a few logistical issues we all face now, getting a dog is still very feasible and please know we are doing everything we can to help families with adopting a puppy, wherever they are. We have been inundated with requests by families looking to be the lucky few to get one of our dogs, so please be patient if you don't hear back from us right away as we are a small family and it is sometimes hard to get to everyones inquiry.
Please be aware there has been a lot of new scammers pop up online recently, so do your research before committing to anything, and make sure you choose your puppy from a genuine Registered Breeder!