Dogs Tiny Toy Pomchi Golden Puppy Girl in Tenterfield, NSW



Dear dog lovers

We are extremely happy to announce that our
special Tiny Toy Pomchi Golden Girl is ready to go to her everlasting
loving home! She is going to grow up be a very loving and affectionate
companion, obedient and very smart! Our Princess will be a very tiny
dog, around 23/24 cm high, perfect for your work bag or play pen and she
has all of the ideal loving pet characteristics of her parents who are
well known for the special energy they bring to the world.

'King Tiberius' is an extremely high quality Miniature Toy Pomeranian
and is a robust 22cm high. He is probably the best conformed Miniature
Pom in the country and is very well loved by everyone who meets him.
MumHappy is our gorgeous Chihuahua queen and at just 24cm tall she is

We dont consider ourselves dog breeders in the
common sense of the word; rather we are Dog Doula's, specialists in
canine midwifery who have a passion for toy sized dogs and provide a
space and energy where which can guide these angel spirits into this
world. These little ones have had a lot of love, care and consideration
go into their conscious conception and as such they will be ideal toy
sized canine companions. We have carefully selected our dogs based on
temperament and quality of health, not to mention characteristics like a
non-shedding coat and correct shape and build. True toy sized dogs are a
specialised canine and have unique considerations to become suitable,
healthy home companions, AND have the right temperament. Needless to
say, the proof is in the pooch!

1x Gold Pomchi Female (900164001973959) - AVAILABLE

raised by loving Registered Breeders with a passion for quality and
integrity, our pups are only looking for pet homes where they will be
unconditionally loved and cared for. Microchip Registered, Vet cleared,
Immunised (C3 / C2i) and natural health and immunity considered as
essential, dewormed and preventatives by schedule. We practice Early
Neurological Stimulation from when they are really little too, and
provide a natural, raw based diet to promote the health and longevity of
our best friends, as well as support the teeth, coat and bones. Without
comparison, our babies have the very best head start in life at our
home with us! We include a lot of relevant and useful info on how to
take the best care for your new friend in the adoption pack, along with
offering a lifetime of support and advice from us! For more information please get in touch with us!

Much canine love from The Lucky Puppy Family!


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