Dogs Blenheim Cavoodle Puppies - Hand Raised, Stunning Colouring! in Tenterfield, NSW



Hello world,
We are so excited to introduce you to our gorgeous Blenheim Cavoodle Puppies!!
These little ones are not your average cavoodle, that's for sure!
They have a beautiful and unique Blenheim coat, are super soft to pat and have some of the nicest pet friendly characteristics you could ask for in a dog.
intelligent and loyal little dogs, they will make excellent home
companions for family members of all ages. Particularly suited to
smaller backyards and courtyards, these soft natured dogs are exceptionally clean living, don't shed any hair and tend more towards a
couch potato temperament when its not playtime.

1x Blenheim Female (light pink bow) - AVAILABLE
1x Blenheim Female (dark pink bow) - AVAILABLE
1x Blenheim Female (purple bow) - AVAILABLE

don't consider ourselves dog breeders in the common sense of the term;
rather we are dog doula's, specialists in canine midwifery who have a
passion for toy sized dogs and provide a space and energy which helps
guide these angel spirits into this world. It is truly an honour to do
this work and we look forward to sharing our dogs with kind, genuine
people, who can offer a suitable loving home. Our little ones have had a
lot of love, care and consideration go into their conscious conception
and as such they will be ideally suited to family homes who are looking
for a calm, healthy toy sized canine companion. We have carefully
selected our dogs based on temperament and quality of health, as well as
characteristics like a non-shedding coat and correct conformation as
paramount. True toy sized dogs are a specialised canine and have unique
requirements to be suitable, healthy home companions. Needless to say
with our dogs, the proof is in the pooch!

Microchip Registered,
Vaccinated (C3 + C2i), Vet Cleared and wormed by schedule, we also
provide specific care information and useful resources that help you
best understand how to properly care for, raise and train your new
puppy! Our dogs are all raised in a natural way, fed a holistic Raw diet
and receive early neurological stimulation from when they are born,
right through to when they are ready to come to their new homes! Dreamed
into creation and hand raised by our family, a loving Registered
Breeder with a passion for quality and integrity. We believe in and
promote responsible pet ownership and are only looking for genuine
loving homes to adopt our dogs. Mum and dad are DNA tested and cleared
from health defects and common breed issues to guarantee our pups will
live a normal and healthy life.
We can even arrange facetime viewing and offer lifetime support for our dogs, how cool is that!

Transport options are available to approved homes with the most experienced service and level of care in Australia.


May all beings be happy!!

$2,500.00   Sale Price